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About Omidria

I’m glad I talked to my eye doctor about OMIDRIA.*

*Inspired by real patients
*Inspired by real patients

OMIDRIA is a medicine that is added to the solution that surgeons routinely use during cataract surgery.

OMIDRIA can help you and your surgeon, both during and after your surgery.

OMIDRIA is the only FDA-approved combination medication used during surgery proven to help your pupil stay dilated (open). This helps your surgeon see into your eye better.

OMIDRIA contains a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), which helps to control inflammation, swelling, and pain both during and after surgery.

With OMIDRIA, you are 50% more likely to be pain free up to 12 hours after surgery.

OMIDRIA can make cataract surgery a more comfortable experience

A downward arrow with text that reads: less pain during and after surgery, less need for eye drops after surgery, less need for pain medications during and after surgery, and less inflammation during and after surgery

Ask your cataract surgeon about how OMIDRIA may help you have a better surgery experience.

OMIDRIAssure®, support at every step

OMIDRIAssure can make OMIDRIA more affordable for you

Ask your healthcare professional how OMIDRIAssure can provide financial support for appropriate eligible:

Commercially insured patients

Government-insured, uninsured, and underinsured patients

OMIDRIAssure support is available throughout your cataract surgery journey.

Cataract Surgery Mythbuster

All medications used during cataract surgery are approved by the FDA.